In-house design

Tailor-made packaging for every need.

THE TOY COMPANY boasts a wide and comprehensive range of own-label branded products. Through many years of experience and dedication, we have developed them, constantly improved their functionality and quality and made our products even better.

Our packaging highlights the quality and philosophy of our products in a particularly striking way. For the broad portfolio of THE TOY COMPANY’s own-label brands, and on behalf of our clients, we develop product packaging suitable for a wide variety of target groups and markets.

Our customers have an experienced, innovative team of designers at their disposal, who offer professional advice. The team expertly turns design ideas into reality and ultimately coordinates the printing of the custom-designed packaging.

We attach great importance to ensuring that our products deliver an excellent standard of quality and that our THE TOY COMPANY brands also have a high recognition value. We are also specialists in optimising packaging design to country-specific requirements and developing the most suitable packaging concepts for various sales channels. 

Our strength is our exacting demand for quality.