We are willing to make your wishes come true the best way we know how.

When it comes to fulfilling our customers’ wishes, we are guided entirely by the needs and objectives of our clients. We creatively and effectively turn your toy ideas into reality.

THE TOY COMPANY's customers are able to choose between our strong and internationally established own-label brands and our service offering to source new products for you - always focusing on what products the customer wants to have procured, and to which target group on which target market the products are to be sold. Our priority <s>in this</s> is to implement our customers’ strategy in a consumer-orientated product and collection that fulfils buyers’ every wish.

THE TOY COMPANY effectively helps its clients to seek out and find specific toys, sports products and innovative, trending articles on the Asian market. We have a network developed over many years, comprising reliable, first-class suppliers, at our disposal. We are also working constantly on optimising our existing suppliers and acquiring new, innovative and progressive partners.

Our company operates several offices in Hong Kong and the rest of the Asia region. This means we are able to maintain close contact with our suppliers and act faster on the regional Asian market than others.

The end-to-end cost-effectiveness of our products is always a priority.