Quality Assurance

We safeguard our quality with in-depth expertise.

THE TOY COMPANY guarantees maximum safety and quality. This is the entrepreneurial principle by which we operate. We are constantly striving to continuously improve the quality of our products.

We have a team of highly qualified experts in product safety in Hong Kong, our own team of experienced inspectors in China and an extensive catalogue of measures at our disposal. This means, for example, we are able to select our production partners with the utmost care and visit their production facilities regularly. These are key tenets of our company’s quality and safety policy, which is reliably implemented by our network of procurement offices spanning the whole of Asia.

The materials used for production are constantly tested by our own and independent laboratories. Consequently, we are able to offer you proven safety and superlative quality for our products - with no exceptions.

THE TOY COMPANY believes quality assurance and product safety are the cornerstones of its entrepreneurial activities. For this reason, we have always attached great importance to the training and development of our experts in these fields.

Quality assurance means a lot to us, and we are passionate advocates of it.