Social responsibility

We’ve made social and environmental standards a standard. Everywhere.

The sustainable use of natural resources is one of our many responsibilities. TTC is the certificate holder of FSC™ chain of custody certification (our FSC™ license code is FSC-C112195) and is therefore authorised and able to provide wooden toys and musical instruments that bear the FSC™ labels. As an international company, we believe quality, social standards and sustainability are inseparably linked.

Together with our suppliers, we implement strict adherence to the objectives and requirements of the BSCI and ICTI. Their defined code of conduct serves as the benchmark by which we operate. It comprises social responsibility activities in relation to fair business practices, as well as transparency, reporting and information.

The goals and requirements of BSCI cover, among others:

•     The improvement of social standards in suppling countries

•     The compliance with all valid national laws, industry standards,
       conventions of ILO and the UN as well as all other relevant legal

•     The ban on child labour

•     The ban on forced labour and disciplinary measures such as the
       withholding of identification or physical penalisation

•     The assurance of the freedom of assembly and the right to collective
       bargaining – or the creation of alternative options of a free and
       independent organisation

•     The elimination of discrimination when it comes to hiring, wages,
       access to further training, promotions, the termination of employment
       or beginning of retirement



•     The payment of the legal minimum wage as compensation for regular        working hours as well as overtime, or overtime compensation with time        off, or the payment of a suitable wage when the minimum wage does        not cover the costs for maintaining livelihood

•     The adherence to the regulations for working hours

•     The guarantee of occupational health and safety

•     The compliance with legal regulations regarding environmental and
       safety issues

•     The maintenance of a management system with which the compliance
       with the BSCI requirements can be assured

For a full overview of the requirements and goals of the BSCI, as well as the more than 1,500 member companies, please visit

Safe is safe, fair is fair and clean is clean – wherever you are in the world.